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ExaSAN Carry 12

ExaSAN Carry 12

The Portable and SAN-possible Thunderbolt 3 + PCIe 3.0 Storage
Designed for DIT and Post-production




Your Studio Is Where You Are


ExaSAN Carry 12

is easily portable. You can either take it by its handle bar.

Being the world’s smallest 12-bay RAID system, you can easily take it anywhere you go by its handle bar.




LED on/off Function

*Patent Technology

No More Distraction


When working in a dark room, instead of taping up the LED lights that gleam and break your concentration, you can now simply press a button to turn the lights off.



HDD Locked & Positioning Pin

*Patent Technology

Lock Your Disks, Secure Your Data


Data Transfer between Mac and PC

ExaSAN Carry 12

has dual Thunderbolt 3 ports and one additional PCIe 3.0 port. With it data transfer between Mac and PC becomes no sweat at all.


ExaSAN Carry 12

can only connect to one host at a time. If you choose to connect to the host through the PCIe interface during work,

you can no longer share work with other hosts at the same time through the Thunderbolt interface.


60W Power Supply


ExaSAN Carry 12

is equipped with 400W power supply, and thus can steadily provide your laptop with 60W power through Thunderbolt copper cable while you are editing.


SAN Possible

ExaSAN Carry 12

can be more than just a DAS solution. With the world's first and only PCIe SAN switch, SW16-G3, optimized scalability and large group collaborative workflows become possible.



Whisper-Quiet Operation


With the fan cooling the system, its operation sound is still less than 40dB—no noise interruption to your work. It is perfect for you to place on the desktop.

*The laboratory conducted tests using Intel SATA SSDs, but the actual results may vary depending on the specific hard drives used.




Kensington Security Slot


Being extremely easily portable,

ExaSAN Carry 12

comes with an anti-theft design to prevent a five-finger-discount situation.

Kick back and relax, your

ExaSAN Carry 12

is safe with Kensington Lock, and so is your data.




ExaSAN Carry 12

deploys the latest Thunderbolt 3 technology, reaching up to 2600 MB/s transfer speeds*, enough to handle and expedite large file workflows.

*The laboratory conducted tests using Intel SATA SSDs, but the actual results may vary depending on the specific hard drives used.




SSD Reader

With optional SSD trays or Atomos trays (up to 2),

ExaSan Carry 12 can transform into a 10-bay or 11-bay RAID system.

The built-in reader allows you to quickly transfer your data from standard SSD card or any cards that Atomos tray supports to RAID or vice versa.

They are also compatible with 2.5” hard disk.




Specification Datasheets User Manual

Installer Package(Driver/GUI)

 Mac OS 10.15 or Before

 Mac OS 11 and Up


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