Accusys’ DAS Storages Support Apple M1

Accusys’ DAS storages, including Gamma Carry, *ExaSAN Carry, Gamma 8 and Gamma 12 are tested fully compatible with M1 Mac.

*ExaSAN Carry has dual Thunderbolt 3 ports and 1 PCIe port. ONLY when using Thunderbolt 3 ports can it support M1 Mac

Follow the steps below before installing the Accusys Mac driver 3.7.0.

Step1: Shutdown your Mac.

Step2: Press and hold the power button and the screen will show Macintosh HD and Options icons. Choose “Options” and then click “Continue”.

Step3: Click “Utilities” and then “Startup Security Utility” in the drop-down menu.

Step4: Choose your OS Volume and click “Security Policy”.

Step5: Choose “Reduced Security” and “Allow user management of kernel extensions from identified developers”, and then click “OK”.

Step6: Restart your Mac and install Accusys Mac driver 3.7.0.

Please refer to the link below for instructions on how to install Accusys Mac driver.

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