Movie Editor “Meng-Ju Shieh”

Movie editor Meng-Ju Shieh, the winner of 2019 Taipei Film Festival Best Editing Award for his latest movie “The Tag-Alone: The Devil Fish,” plays the roles of owner, editor, and technician of a post-production studio. Shieh is not only an expert in the use of his digital equipment, he has also developed his own unique method of film cutting through years of experimentations and improvements.

The first time we met Shieh, we were surprised by the familiarity he has with Accusys products. Shieh had done his homework and decided that Accusys A12T3-share was exactly what he needed. As he later explained his view of post-production digital workflow, we became even more convinced that Shieh’s knowledge of it is just as rich as a system integrator.

Shieh further explained the workflow in his studio: “We have three iMac Pro workstations in our studio, plus several DAS storages with various number of bays. When we need to exchange video materials, we would either use 1G Ethernet connection or physically move the storage. But as the volume of materials gets bigger and bigger, the time it takes to exchange materials also gets a lot longer.”

In order to solve this issue, Shieh tried to use 10Gb NAS as a solution, but it still didn’t satisfy his needs. “When I need to search for one particular material from thousands of files, it takes only 5 seconds on a DAS storage, but it takes 50 seconds or longer on NAS storage. That’s why I’ve chosen A12T3-share – a storage you can share through Thunderbolt SAN, while keeping the excellent DAS-like performance. This is a perfect storage for 4K editing and sharing materials within the small production team.”


HUAWEI CONNECT 2019 was held in Shanghai SWEECC & SECC from September 18th to 20th. During the event, Huawei showcased its technologies in Advance Intelligence and powerful cloud computing capabilities to its partners.

During the exhibition this year, Accusys collaborated with its partner Scutech Corporation, which displayed its suite of backup solutions as a Huawei partner; while Accusys launched its latest product - VersaRAID, an ARM-based NAS scale-out storage solution that caught a lot of well-deserved attentions.

In addition, Accusys also announced its next new product - Gamma Shield; a specialized DIT (Digital Imaging Technician) storage with excellent performance that is portable and designed to fit in a Pelican carry-on case, made itself the favorite of the crowd during the show.

Both products will be made available to the market in Q1 2020.