Accusys ExaSAN Introduces Three Levels of PCIe Storage Solutions at IBC2013 6.C10

Published on Tuesday, 03 September 2013

HSINCHU, Taiwan. (May 24, 2013) --Accusys is introducing three levels of ExaSAN storage solutions for video postproduction, which includes DAS, simple SAN, and enterprise SAN for different sizes of organizations. Based on PCIe2.0 technology, ExaSAN solutions can provide excellent performance supporting user’s works from HD to 4K. ExaSAN solutions had been widely used in video editing, color grading, film restoration and broadcasting fields around the world.

ExaSAN DAS solution provides two models for different purpose. A12S2-PS is an expandable, rackmount RAID system, which is designed for users who needs large volumes and shared storage. Each A12S2-PS can connect 3 extra A12S2-SJ JBOD chases to expand the storage size, with latest 4TB hard drives. User is able to create a volume up to 192TB. B08S2-PS is a portable high speed RAID system, which is capable to deliver 1400MB/s speed with 8 SSD or 1200MB/s with 8 enterprise level 2.5” hard drives. For users who undertake high speed required works, Accusys also provide Dual Port HBA card to connect 2 RAID systems with one workstation. This way allows the two RAID systems work together and double the speed of single RAID system.

ExaSAN simple SAN solution is designed for small to medium size workgroups which have 4 to 12 members. SW08-Q4 is the switch for members less than 8, the high flexibility allows users choose SAN manage tools to meet their requirement. For more clients’ connection, SW16 is a choice to connect up to 12 seats. SWF16 is a revolutionary switch which combines the functions of switch, MDC and SANit software. User can finish the installation in 30 minutes just following the instruction of the user interface. SANit, ExaSAN developed software, provide cross platform file level data sharing and simple metadata management. Users can choose SANit works with ExaSAN’s SAN solutions to reach the best performance.

For enterprise SAN and large amount clients, ExaSAN is developing a HA Appliance to meet the requirement of fail-over and existed Fibre Channel clients connection. Mount with two PCIe to Fibre Channel module, the HA Appliance can mirror a sets of ExaSAN storage and connect to multiple clients through the Fibre Channel ports to allow clients access ExaSAN storage.

In additional, Accusys ExaSAN will reveal the chassis of upcoming PCIe3.0 RAID storage, A08S3-PS and A16S3-PS. The ExaSAN PCIe3.0 RAID systems provide 32Gb/s bandwidth allowing users processing uncompressed Ultra HD video streams, also, the desktop and rackmount design can fit most work space’s needs.

About Accusys

Accusys is a worldwide leader in design, manufacturing, and marketing of RAID products since 1995, having delivered many generations of cutting-edge and innovative RAID products. With years of experience in storage market, our product lines fulfill versatile applications, ranging from small offices to mission-critical data centers, and covering all major storage interfaces. Accusys started ExaSAN for post production industry since 2009, and provide wide range of tower and rackmount PCIe storage systems. In 2010, Accusys created the first PCIe switch and lead the PCIe storage products in the storage market.