Accusys ExaSAN earned highly endorsement from post production professional.

Published on Thursday, 03 October 2013

Sam Mestman, a familiar name in US post production world, published an article at shared his experience of the Final Cut Pro X workflow in a Bulgarian production company, and mentioned ExaSAN’ SAN solution provided an excellent storage environment for the workgroup. In the article, this is what Sam said:

“Simply a fantastic solution for small workgroups.” Configurable for up to 4800 MB/s, up to 750 TB and connectable to up to 12 machines, if you haven’t heard of ExaSAN, you need to check it out. It runs on a slightly different, native PCI-E based architecture than traditional Fiber, is more than twice as fast (up to 20 GB/s to a Mac Pro), and is less than half the price of a traditional SAN system from Promise or some of the other high profile SAN solutions. Performance with FCP X is phenomenal. In Bulgaria, they are easily getting multiple streams of 5k R3D’s playing back in real time across multiple systems, even playing back the exact same clip. So, for those who say group workflow and FCP X can’t be done... well, they’re doing it in Bulgaria (Passing events and projects with the finder and archiving using Backups for Final Cut Pro), and it works just fine. In the traditional production pyramid of cheap, fast good; you generally only get to pick two. You get all 3 with this setup, and once we had a proper network up and running, we had no issues working our way down from 5k to 1080.ExaSAN and FCP X:

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