Accusys Adds Innovative Thunderbolt Pairing Technology to T-Share Product Line

Thunderbolt Pairing technology provides dual-path Thunderbolt connectivity for T-share products and the new Mac Pro allowing for performance speeds of over 2000 MB/s.

Taipei, Taiwan – January 28, 2016: Accusys Storage Ltd. has continued on its path of bringing cutting-edge Thunderbolt storage solutions to the market by adding its Thunderbolt Pairing (T-pairing) technology to its T-share product line. T- Pairing allows users to double transfer speeds by pairing two Thunderbolt connections between clients and T-share storage devices.

With T-pairing, two Thunderbolt ports can be utilized to connect a new Mac Pro with an Accusys T-share device, and with four TB ports available, this allows two users to create dual paths increased speeds simultaneously. Similar to other MPIO functions, T-pairing allows for the use of multiple ports to experience enhanced performance.

T-pairing is protocol independent and all T-share devices are pre-installed with Accusys Mac Installer which includes the driver for T-pairing. Once the driver is installed it will automatically communicate with the T-Share RAID controller for easy configuration.

Accusys’ T-share devices employ the Thunderbolt interface in a SAN environment to provide a high capacity, high performance storage solution for business-critical tasks. Mac Pro users with time sensitive projects such as post production tasks will now be able to increase their workflow twofold with T-pairing deployed.

For information on how to set-up T-pairing, please visit: RAID Configuration of Thunderbolt Pairing

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Since 1995, Accusys Storage Ltd. has been designing and manufacturing cutting-edge and innovative storage products in order to help customers around the globe to store, protect, and manage their most important media assets. In 2009, while eyes on the need of digital content creation professionals within the post-production industry, the Accusys ExaSAN product family and its wide range of robust workflow controllers, PCIe RAID storage and switches were brought to the market to support post production experts with their creative work. This year, with the innovative shareable Thunderbolt storage, Accusys looks to bring new energy to the market again.

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