The Idea behind SW16

In, 2008, Accusys started its journey for faster and more reliable PCIe disk array solutions. In 2009 we developed our very own PCIe1.1 (10Gb/s), complete with both switch and storage systems up to 24-bays with dual port controller. In 2010, our praised stand-alone 8-bay desktop unit was released followed by our compact switch solution. In 2012, we proved yet again how we seek to innovate the market with SANit, our own SAN management software and our SW16 switch, an innovative PCIe switch which supports most major SAN software on the market.

Supports Uncompressed Workflows

ExaSAN SW16 is the newest member of the PCIe 2.0 switch family. With 16 ports, it allows up to 12 clients to share over 500 terabytes of storage for efficient, productive, and collaborative workflow. 4 ports are allocated for an ExaSAN storage unit such as the A12S2-PS. The SW16 also provides 20Gb/s of bandwidth to each client, and 20Gb/s to each of the storage ports via the QFSP connections. When building a SAN using 4 x A12S2-PS RAID systems and 12 x JBOD systems, you can achieve up to 768TB (with 4TB HDD) of data making it the largest of media storage SAN on PCIe.

Compatible all rounder

Accusys’ SW16 its not only a 12 client switch with 20Gb/s of bandwidth to each clients but also a 1U rackmount that easily integrates with the A12S2-PS RAID and JBOD systems in machine room racks or in transportable cart systems, on-set or on-location. With a wide variety of supported SAN software together with our SANit, The Accusys SW16 is a strong contender in the PCIe switch market.

Effective solution

Many post-production workgroups prefer centralizing media assets to manage workflow. A shared storage plays an important role in storing and distributing video and audio files to clients. SAN is the most intelligent way to share storage and allows multiple users access to the database. However, most SAN constructions are complicated and expensive. Users incur high costs but get very limited performance Also, the maintenance costs of SAN environments can be very high. The ExaSAN SW16 together with the SANit File System is a shared storage solution that is very simple and cost-friendly.

Performance figures are based on simulated and calculated best case scenarios; please consult with our Accusys people or your system integrator to create the best possible DAS or SAN solution fit for your specific requirement.