ExaSAN Carry is fully compatible with M1 Mac. Click here for step-by-step driver installation instruction.
ExaSAN Carry supports the latest macOS Big Sur, detailed driver installation instruction can be found here.

ExaSAN Carry

The Portable and SAN-possible Thunderbolt 3 + PCIe 3.0 Storage Designed for DIT and Post-production


Your Studio is Where You Are

Gamma Carry is easily portable. You can either take it by its handle bar or put it in the pelican case.

Being the world’s smallest 3.5” 8-bay RAID system, you can easily take it anywhere you go by its handle bar.

Pelican Case

The Toughest Ever

Gamma Carry fits in Pelican 1510 Protector Carry-On Case. Hand carry it or check it in when you need to fly. Pelican Case meets most of the airline hand-carry luggage regulations.

In the mechanical shock test, when put in pelican case with EPE (Expandable Polyethylene), Gamma Carry is able to take 250G/2ms (250 gravitational acceleration per 2 milliseconds ) without HDD being damaged.

LED on/off Function

*Patent Technology

No More Distraction

When working in the darkroom, instead of taping up the LED lights that gleam and break your concentration, you can now simply press a button to turn the lights off.

HDD Locked & Positioning Pin

*Patent Technology

Lock Your Disks, Secure Your Data

The newly designed disk tray positioning pin can reduce risk of damage to the disks and backplane caused by shock or vibration during transportation.

With the thumb screw, locking up HDD has never been easier.

Data Transfer between Mac and PC

ExaSAN Carry has dual Thunderbolt 3 ports and one additional PCIe 3.0 port. With it data transfer between Mac and PC becomes no sweat at all.

*ExaSAN Carry should be connected to one host at a time.

Click for more details (https://www.accusys.com.tw/ExaSAN/SW16-G3/)

SAN Possible

ExaSAN Carry can be more than just a DAS solution. With the world's first and only PCIe SAN switch, SW16-G3, optimized scalability and large group collaborative workflows become possible.

Part Modules Available

Be Your Own Technician

Cooling fan stops cooling the system when the editing is in full swing? Power module stops powering your storage when you are out in the middle of nowhere? No worries!

To avoid the noisy caused by dual powers, Gamma Carry comes with easy-to-replace modules. Only 2 simple steps and you can replace the fan or power modules yourself, no technician needed.

*Please note that except for the hard disk tray, power module, and fan module, products with any other mechanical parts disassembled by users are considered as NO warranty.

60W Power Supply

Gamma Carry is equipped with 400W power supply, and thus can steadily provide your laptop with 60W power through Thunderbolt copper cable while you are editing.

Whisper-Quiet Operation

With the fan cooling the system, its operation sound is still less than 45dB—no noise interruption to your work. It is perfect for you to place on the desktop.

Kensington Security Slot

Being extremely easily portable, Gamma Carry comes with an anti-theft design to prevent a five-finger-discount situation. Kick back and relax, your Gamma Carry is safe with Kensingston Lock, and so is your data.


Gamma Carry deploys the latest Thunderbolt 3 technology, reaching up to 2800 MB/s transfer speeds*, enough to handle and expedite large file workflows.

*Using Intel SSD
0 MB/s

SSD Reader

With optional SSD portable trays (up to 2), Gamma Carry can transform into a 6-bay or 7-bay RAID system. The built-in SSD reader allows you to quickly transfer your data from SSD to RAID or vice versa. It is also compatible with 2.5” hard disk.

8-bay Comparison Table