The SAN case used by Red One Camera video production

ExaSAN Installation Example

Red One Camera video production using RAW format based digital files is not only for the shooting of video clips, but also for entire workflows such as file transfer, creating backup, creating offline clips, editing, mixing, color grading, MA, and online editing. For the “Awakening” project, ExaSAN allowed us to utilize two workstations working simultaneously and we were able to do total workflows from the beginning to end. We are excited about working within such an improved storage system environment designed to give us more creative time.

Photographer (and Rawesome! Video Director) Mr. Roland Kirishima

Red is for the Red Processing and Editing Environment

Rawesome! Utilizes the "RED ONE" and "EPIC" cinema cameras from the Red Digital Cinema Camera Company and both can shoot with 2K and 5K for motion picture capture, processing, through editing. In order to achieve good results, an excellent motion camera is not the only consideration. Rawesome! "RAW image recording and motion picture shooting in ultra-high resolution editing system environments can be processed to maximize the potential of the video material. As Mr. Ito of Rawesome! explained,."In order to achieve a more effective process, data sharing is essential. The last two years I've been using a 10Gbps Ethernet shared storage system, which cannot withstand complicated and demanding work environments."

Cost Effectively Implements 300MB/s Processing

Rawesome! currently has a proposal from Kingtech for the purchase of the ExaSAN Compact Solution storage system, an "8-bay Tower Storage" (A08S-PS) and "Switch" (SW04/08-G2) with PCI Express speed and connectivity in Mac Pro environments.

It caught the attention of Mr. Ito, "I weighed the storage system on a variety of points including its sense of secure connectivity, actual TB (terabytes) volume, etc., based on Xsan2 bundled with the standard Lion OS and native PCI Express and I would recommend the ExaSAN Compact Solution. I tried data file copying and the performance obtained was over 300MB/s, much can be supported by shared motion picture production especially RED 4K and 5K Epic and I was very satisfied. It has a good sense of scale."

Ultra-fast storage for a wide range of applications

Having obtained processing performance that exceeds expectations in a small environment, Ito said that his further ambitions are first "to acquire the advanced Accusys 'ExaRAID A12/16/24D-PA' PCI Express storage system with 2 RAID controllers ensuring individual performance even if multiple processes are running simultaneously, secondly to implement Blackmagic Design's DaVinci Resolve in the Windows environments, and finally, a desire to utilize the music editor."

User Summary


Location: 5-19-14 Naka-Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo



  • Overall RAW video production
  • Red epic, RED ONE MX, Scarlet rental
  • Dispatch temporary video engineers
  • Post Production
  • RAW video production consulting
  • Construction for RAW video production system

Rawesome! Post-Production Director Mr. Kaku Ito