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Telecom Staff Inc.

“Higher-resolution 3D and 2K/4K editing is rapidly increasingly in popularity. The demand for ‘Fast’, ‘Safe’, and ‘Simple’ disk storage is extremely high. PCI-Express connected ‘ExaSAN’ storage is a compact solution and the first and best choice of many in the industry. That is why I'm very satisfied and looking forward to fully utilizing it. We expect production flow to move up to higher levels of efficiency as we take full advantage of its performance in future application cases such as streaming directly to a television station via high speed networks and much more.”

Fumio Miyauchi / Telecom Staff Inc. / Engineering Development Producer

Exploring Optimal Editing Environment as an Advanced Production

Telecom Staff Inc. produces TV programs called “going to the highways of the world ” for the Asashi Television Station, which produces numerous documentaries for NHK programs and in many types of media such as books and DVD. Since this company also has its own technology center, they have tried to construct a high-definition editing system that is easily able to retrieve all video data into their Mac Pro and quickly begin editing. However, it was difficult to realize because of a lack of storage performance. As Mr. Saito explained, “The capacity necessary to hold a large number of video clips could be as high as 35GB each and the performance necessary to edit high-definition video is the minimum required for the storage we are looking for.”

Comfortable Editing Environment with Stable High Speed and High Quality Products

Yano Sales Inc. strongly suggests a high-speed PCI Express connected RAID subsystem storage system called “A08S-PS” from Accusys. The A08S-PS " has a high affinity for the Mac OSX, and it achieves stable throughput performance larger than 750 MB/s. The A08S-PS was adopted based on the fact that it is very suitable for video editing under MacOS, even immediately after installation and there is a large quantity of editing to do. As Telecom Staff editor said, "In other interface storage systems, lack the necessary speed to handle the heavy tasks, but the A08S-PS has no such struggle or slowing down, even while at two-thirds capacity, was still able to edit smoothly in real-time multi-clips of ProRes HQ with a file size of approximately 1TB."

Improved Performance Creates New Business Opportunities

There are many more opportunities created by improving the performance of storage. Mr. Saito said, “If you could rapidly retrieve all videos just filmed by a photographer, you are able to produce the latest information more quickly. This allows more time to cut and edit on the production side resulting in higher quality content.” In addition, they anticipate that it will bring new business opportunities by cooperating with cloud services to place high-resolution landscapes and animal videos, filmed by each production unit, together in a Video Library that can be referenced or utilized whenever needed.

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Business : TV planning and sales of video software programs.Work for publications and visual media.

Telecom Staff Inc.

Engineering Department Editor Shion Saito

Telecom Staff Inc.

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