The first 3D movie made in Taiwan was processed in ExaSAN solution

Perfect ExaSAN solution fulfils the needs of 3D movie in general doubles the performance requirements

The Company

GENE-Young is a well-known boutique film production company in Taiwan, engaged in filmy and post production of TV drama, documentary filming, MV, CV and movie for more than 10 years. Since the end of 2008, GENE-YANG planned to move into the 3D film production process. They understand that the challenges of 3D images more in post production.

The Challenge

The original IT environment in GENE-Young is 50% Mac and 50% Windows. Considering the stability and standard file format, they now all use Mac systems with Final Cut Pro. They have five Mac Pros,two of the Mac Pros connect with 8 bays tower RAID units; others are using only external HDD. The external HDD is good at moving files from different workstations, but the performance and capacity can not fulfill the need for HD files, nor any data protection feature. The direct attached RAID units support capacity and data protection, but it's hard to share the data with different workstations.

Mr. Tao, Gene-Young's production director, who is also the Apple Certified FCP tutor, realized that the existing workflow can not fulfill the 3D movie production requirement. The challenges for 3D movie production would be the bandwidth requirement; and to build collaborative workflow. They definitely need a solution that deliver high performance and file sharing capability.

The solution

GENE-Young implemented an ExaSAN W8 solution installed with 24 x 1TB HDD in RAID5 configuration, which offers them data protection for their media content and efficient workflow. ExaSAN solution allows multiple workstations to access the exact same project simultaneously, efficiently improve the workflow, and protect their media asset effectively. Moreover, the EQ (Equalization) Mode and DLP technology are specially designed for video editing application; maintaining extremely stable performance all the time without dropping any frames.

The workflow

The ExaSAN W8 perfectly integrated into GENE-Young's 3D image production process. The ExaSAN connect with 5 x Mac Pros workstations with Apple Final Cut Pro; another 2 x Apple Xservers dedicated for XSAN metadata management, allowing the 5 workstations to access multiple streams of Proress 422 1080P 24 format in the same time. The 3D images post production requires to edit the left and right eyes film files simultaneously, which demanding doubles of the 2K film files performance.

Mr. Qu, the movie director of "Clown Fish", the first 3D movie made in Taiwan, are happy with the performance of ExaSAN. He said: "3D movie production is a big challenge for us, especially for the performance requirement which is double the 2K film files. With the great aids of the PCIe SAN's high bandwidth, the post production process become extremely smooth, in addition, the collaborative workflow make our post production easy and efficiently."

Mr. Tou emphasize: "the disadvantage of non-liner editing is that it would need quite long time for rendering, the 3D images files would take longer around double of the 2K film files. By taking the advantage of ExaSAN's high bandwidth, combining Apple Qmaster to create 5 workstations clusters, using the 5 x processors to render the project simultaneously, it's amazing that it would need only 1/4 of the original rendering time."

The benefits

GENE-Young's CEO and Movie director, Qu said: "In Hollywood the cost of producing a 3D movie is kind of sky high, an independent production company like us would not be affordable. But ExaSAN solution makes everything possible. It changes our production process to make it extremely flexible and efficient, and help to manage our media content easily. The benefit is a lot more than our expectation."


ExaRAID HD storage Subsystem (A24D-PA)

ExaSAN G2 Switch (SW12-G2)

ExaSAN G1 Switch (SW09-G1)

PCIe NT HBA card *8

PCIe x8 Switch cable *1

PCIe x4 Optical cable (30m) *8

PCIe x4 Device cable *2

Metadata server *2

Apple Xsan management software

AJA capture cards *5

Apple Final Cut Pro system *5

SI2K camera *2