History Making Productions at the World Meeting of Families

History Making Productions deploys the Accusys A16T2-Share to tackle the task of post-production editing for coverage of the World Meeting of Families. Integrated by MacSERV of Bellmawr, New Jersey (USA)


History Making Productions is an Emmy-award winning production studio based in Philadelphia, PA. Founded in 2008 and with a team of writers, editors, filmmakers, and historians, HMP brings to light the rich history of Philadelphia through the beautiful imagery of film. As the very first American capital, Philadelphia is a hub for American culture with an expansive history and HMP captures this through its project, The Great Experiment.

Held every three years and sponsored by the Holy See’s Pontifical Council for the Family, the World Meeting of Families is the world’s largest Catholic gathering of families. History Making Productions was selected by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to create three documentary films about the World Meeting of Families 2015 Philadelphia. Those three films are: Love Is Our Mission, Philadelphia Welcomes Pope Francis, and Mass Celebrated by Pope Francis. Each film explores a facet of the World Meeting of Families 2015 Philadelphia and the visit of Pope Francis to the city.

The Challenge

With hours upon hours of filming accumulated over the duration of the World Meeting of Families, the HMP team had a large pool of footage to extract and edit from. Utilizing a three-person team, HMP required equipment that would allow them to simultaneously work on the editing process swiftly and effectively. The project as a whole consisted of three feature-length documentary films and HMP’s goal was to have the project completed in no less than three weeks. HMP turned to Accusys and its innovative Thunderbolt shareable storage system, the A16T2-Share to tackle the extensive task.

When it comes to post-production challenges, MacSERV is the preferred advisor and system integrator for HMP. MacSERV, founded in 1997, is a leading provider of Mac-focused IT services including server and backup systems, networking and cloud, Mac/Windows integrations and migrations, and ongoing IT management and CIO services. With a knowledgeable staff with over 35 years of experience, MacSERV allows business owners to focus on driving and improving their business instead of having to figure out the ever changing world of technology.

The Solution

Accusys Storage Ltd. is a leading provider of video and post-production storage solutions, including the Thunderbolt shareable A16T2-Share. The A16T2-Share is a 3U, 16-bay rackmount storage appliance that can reach capacities of 128 TB. The ability to share big data via Thunderbolt empowers post-production crews with the ability to access and share a single expansive pool of data at unprecedented speeds.

HMP positioned three edit stations (three new Mac Pro computers) around the Accusys A16T2-Share. A Mac Mini was used to host and control the Accusys A16T2-Share. For backup, HMP used an older 120TB RAID storage volume on an Ethernet network that connected Their entire office, including the Accusys A16T2-Share's host computer. HMP tasked each editor and their station to work on one film. The three editors could then work simultaneously on the three separate projects, and draw from the same pool of media/footage without interfering with each other. Because the three editors use the newest Mac Pro computers, Thunderbolt was the preferred connection format. So the Accusys A16T2-Share allowed HMP to use the technology they had already invested in, attain the fastest speeds possible, and avoid a costly Fiber optic-based system.


After the conclusion of events at the World Meeting of Families 2015 Philadelphia, HMP received several terabytes of footage collected by dozens of news stations and camera crews. They transferred this pool of footage onto the Accusys A16T2-Share and organized it thoroughly. With the A16T2-Share, History Making Productions was able to complete three feature-length films totaling over four hours of content in just 10 weeks.

“The A16T2-Share gave our editors exactly what they were looking for: a huge storage volume and backup redundancy simultaneously, said Jon Kohl, Associate Producer, History Making Productions. Because our company chiefly operated using external hard drives, we incorporated the A16T2-Share as if it were an external drive. Our editors were floored by the simplicity of the A16T2-Share. It required no software, no programs, and virtually no IT background experience. It allowed our three editors simultaneous access to a very organized bank of project media, and operate as if they were drawing from a Thunderbolt-connected hard drive. The device allowed for the utmost speed and redundancy. We would not have been able to reach our deadline without the A16T2-Share.”

Case Summary

At A Glance

  • Organization: History Making Productions
  • Website:http://historymakingproductions.com/
  • Location: Philadelphia, US
  • Industry: Video and post production
  • Project Overview: History Making Productions was tasked with editing three feature-length documentary films using a large pool of footage recorded at the World Meeting of Families Philadelphia 2015.

The Accusys Solution

  • History Making Productions deployed the Accusys A16T2-Share with 4TB WD hard drives along with four Mac clients.


  • The A16T2-Share provides Thunderbolt shareable storage that allow optimized transfer speeds of over 2100 MB/s
  • The A16T2-Share works seamlessly with the wide portfolio of products from Apple
  • The A16T2-Share is Thunderbolt certified, offering proven performance and compatibility
  • Thunderbolt technology provides a much more cost-effective solution over a Fiberoptic-based system

Thunderbolt Share Storage A16T2-Share

  • The 1st -ever shareable Thunderbolt storage -- ExaSAN A16T2-Share
  • Thunderbolt interface from peer to peer → Network
  • A shareable 16 bay rackmount storage array for MAC users
  • A16T2-Share + SAN software = Storage Area Network (SAN) storage pool or as direct attached Thunderbolt storage with immense capacity
  • 100% Thunderbolt storage area network
  • The first ever shareable Thunderbolt Storage
  • T-Pairing to double bandwidth
  • A shareable 16 bay RAID system for 4 Thunderbolt users
  • Expandable to 64 drives with JBODs
  • Support DAS & SAN
  • 3U Rackmount
  • Thunderbolt 2 * 4
  • SAS / SATA * 16
  • JBOD Expandable * 3
  • RAID 0/ 1/ 5/ 6/ 01
  • Redundant Power