Blackmagic Design authorized domestic sales representative, "The A08S-PS with DaVinci Resolve is a perfect combination."

ExaSAN System Configuration Example

DaVinci Resolve authorized domestic sales representative

Photron Ltd. of Japan sells "DaVinci Resolve", an Industry standard color grading system using the Accusys ExaSAN series “A08S-PS” for ultra-fast and stable reads adopted as the external storage for the DaVinci Resolve. Point of adoption is to achieve transfer rates of over 700MB/s on a single connection, with stress-free and stable performance offered at low cost.

DaVinci Resolve Tool Combination

DaVinci Resolve requires a highly capable disk storage to satisfy all demands for fast and stable I/O flows. Their ultimate solution is the PCI Express! Ccom Inc. and Photron tested it on various systems, and they recognized its powerful transfer speeds, high bandwidth and scalable performance. All standard peripherals including PCI Express adapters and cables are fully bundled. Start your production easily with a huge advantage in immediate cost savings.

Storage Industry Specialist The presence of Ccom Corporation

Ccom Inc. / Corporation Solutions Division is a production company providing all planning, design, construction, and services for digital video production infrastructures and system environments committed to the customer’s work and data flow needs. A total solution for network storage and integrated systems, they have in-depth experience in construction without interrupting current workflows, and they have achieved the most efficient custom-designed digital worklows, such as systems for animators.

◆ Photron Ltd.

Location:Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Founded: July 10, 1968


Business:At the forefront in the development, manufacturing, importing, sales, and services of devices related to video imaging; high-speed video camera, image processing system, broadcast video equipment and software (CAD-related etc.). Serving top professionals and selling to markets worldwide.

◆ DaVinci Resolve

Since its launch in 1984, the DaVinci Resolve color corrector has been the standard in post production tools. DaVinci Resolve is well known for its performance, quality, and workflow support by colorists all over the world, and it continues to serve as a trusted partner in creative editing. DaVinci Resolve is the most commonly used grading system in the world in the production of TV CM, documentaries, TV dramas, music videos, theater movies,.and more.

◆ ExaSAN A08S-PS

8 bay tower with SAS/SATA disk Host I/F PCI Express 1.0. The RAID subsystem is designed for video editing and any application which requires high speed. The ExaSAN A08S-PS is certified and recommended by BlackMagic Design. The A08S-PS standard package includes PCIe host bus adapter (PCIe HBA) and PCIe cable, so no extra accessories are required.