COVID-19 has caused unimaginable impacts on economics, cultures, politics, and education globally, and the global death toll has topped two million. Although COVID-19 is not an infection that caused the most deaths in human history, it has completely changed the process of globalization and has severely thwarted the relationship and interaction between people. In this storm, most people are in a constant state of anxiety. Cities being put on lockdown, people being obliged to undergo home quarantines and suffering from isolation, economic distress, social upheaval, and a sense of frustration and doom have made 2020 possibly the worst year ever.

Perhaps just because 2020 is a year of depression, PANTONE announced that its 2021 Colors of the Year are Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, which are chosen for their warmth and dependability. Accusys inherited this idea and chose bright yellow as the color of the year in 2021. Bright yellow is the color of the sun, and is associated with light, joy, vitality, and warmth. May we all leave behind the darkness of 2020 and have faith that 2021 will be a year full of courage, positivity, and delight.