The world’s first-ever shareable Thunderbolt storage

Expansion available to up to 64 HDDs for obtaining an immense capacity of 256TB when equipped with 4TB enterprise level HDDs. Sharing has never been this easy.

The Features

  • The 1st -ever shareable Thunderbolt storage -- ExaSAN A16T2-Share
  • Thunderbolt interface from peer to peer
  • A shareable 16 bay rackmount storage array for Thunderbolt users
  • A16T2-Share = Direct attached Thunderbolt storage with immense capacity
  • A16T2-Share + SAN software = Storage Area Network (SAN) storage pool
  • 100% Thunderbolt storage area network

Thunderbolt SAN

The A16T2-Share couples the functionality of a complete SAN solution within a single Thunderbolt storage device, the high performance of Thunderbolt 2.0 without any protocol conversion latency, and the reliability derived from an independent hardware RAID system.These features give A16T2-Share its uniqueness that differentiates it from other Thunderbolt storage products, and helps create a brand new working experience for Thunderbolt users.

*For Xsan setting, it requires one thunderbolt port as MDC.

Why A16T2-Share?

Accusys has leveraged its years of experience as a PCIe SAN designer and high performance transmission technology provider within the video post-production industry, and created the all-in-one A16T2-Share Thunderbolt network storage solution, which takes the original peer to peer Thunderbolt interface and transforms it into a more flexible Thunderbolt storage network well suited for Media and Entertainment budgets and workflows

The advanced technology and innovative thinking will eliminate the high cost of Thunderbolt SAN over Fibre Channel SAN or 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

With the full performance of Thunderbolt 2.0 in a shared storage environment, A16T2-Share will be the perfect storage solution for the burgeoning 4K video market.

Thunderbolt Pairing

T-Pairing allows users to double transfer speeds by pairing two Thunderbolt cable connections between workstations and Accusys storage devices. Two Thunderbolt ports can be utilized to connect a new Mac Pro, and with four TB ports available on the A16T2-Share, this allows two users to create dual paths for increased speeds simultaneously. All A16T2-Share devices are pre-installed with Accusys Mac Installer which includes the driver for T-Pairing. Once the driver is installed it will automatically communicate with the A16T2-Share RAID controller for easy configuration.

For information on how to set-up T-Pairing, please visit: RAID Configuration of Thunderbolt Pairing