Warranty Information

Warranty Period:

  • Warranty for RAID systems: 3 years.
  • Additional purchased accessories e.g. C1M, PCIe Host Bus Adapter (HBA), FAN module and power supply module, cable: 1 year

DOA (Dead on Arrival):

  • A product is considered DOA (Dead on Arrival) if it shows defects upon its first use out of the box within 30 days of delivery.
  • Return products should have a valid serial number.
  • DOA products will be replaced one to one with new products within 3 days when there is stock. Accusys will cover the return freight.

RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization):

  • After the DOA validity period, all defective products are considered as RMA
  • Return products should have a valid serial number.
  • Accusys shall provide a quotation for service charges for each RMA product including replacement parts.
  • Customers shall be responsible for the delivery cost for the defective products to Accusys, while Accusys will be responsible for the freight of return products.
Download RMA Form