Accusys® to Launch Powerful 12-bay Shareable Storage Solution with Thunderbolt™ 3 at NAB 2016

New A12T3-share shareable storage solution comes equipped with four Thunderbolt™ 3 ports (expandable to 8 Thunderbolt 3 ports) offering a convenient and swift means for editing and transferring high resolution content.

Accusys Storage Ltd. today announced that it will be launching its latest addition to its innovative Thunderbolt 3 shareable storage product line (T-share), the A12T3-Share at NAB 2016. The 12-bay tower storage unit offers four Thunderbolt 3 ports allowing connection to four clients which are able to simultaneously edit, transfer and share data at unprecedented speeds. Using 10 TB HDD, the A12T3-Share can reach a storage capacity of 120 TB and this can be expanded to 480 TB.

“For media professionals, content creators, gamers, or anyone that works with 4K content, Thunderbolt 3 can offer a faster and simpler experience,” said Jason Ziller, Director of Thunderbolt Marketing, Intel. “By utilizing Thunderbolt 3, the latest T-share device from Accusys is able to couple high-performance with large capacity offering users a robust storage solution.”

The A12T3-Share takes the original Thunderbolt interface and transforms it into a more flexible Thunderbolt storage network and eliminates the high costs of Fibre Channel SAN or 10 Gigabit Ethernet. Users can configure the A12T3-Share as a Storage Area Network (SAN) storage pool when integrated with SAN software, or partition the storage array into several storage volumes and benefit from the high performance Thunderbolt 3 ports as direct attached storage with immense capacity.

The demand for reliable, high speed storage solutions in the video and post-production industry has grown exponentially with the advancements in the video and film industry,” said SuSyan Huang, VP of Sales of Accusys storage Ltd. With The T-share series, creative media professionals are able to utilize high capacity storage with Thunderbolt 3 to increase work efficiency and productivity in the evolving video production environment.”

T-Share Expansion

The new T-Share Expansion feature allows users to pair two A12T3-Share devices, doubling the available Thunderbolt 3 ports to eight. Each port provides rapid transfer speeds and allows large workgroups to simultaneously collaborate on projects with extreme workflow efficiency.

T-Share Expansion works by pairing two A12T3-Share devices through connection of PCIe 3.0 ports with a standard PCIe cable. Further expansion can be implemented to increase available capacity by connecting mini-SAS HD cables to A12S3-PS DAS devices. Up to eight devices can be connected (three per each A12T3-Share) allowing storage capacity of up to a staggering 960 terabytes.

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About Accusys

Since 1995, Accusys Storage Ltd. has been designing and manufacturing cutting-edge and innovative storage products in order to help customers around the globe to store, protect, and manage their most important media assets. In 2009, while eyes on the need of digital content creation professionals within the post-production industry, the Accusys ExaSAN product family and its wide range of robust workflow controllers, PCIe RAID storage and switches were brought to the market to support post production experts with their creative work. This year, with the innovative shareable Thunderbolt 3 storage, Accusys looks to bring new energy to the market again.

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