Combining two SW16-G3 to get 24 hosts' ports.

Collaboration is key with large projects and gut-wrenching time constraints. With the Master-Slave feature, users can combine two Accusys SW16-G3 switches, each offering 12 ports, to reach up to 24 clients. This translates optimized workflows and expedited projects.

Storage ports

Higher Bandwidth, Higher Performance

0 MB/s

Double the capabilities of its predecessor, PCIe 3.0 technology offers performance speeds of up to 10,000 MB/s. The SW16-G3 incorporates PCIe 3.0 technology with powerful hardware to empower uses with a robust storage solution that expedites heavy workloads.

Optimize Collaboration with up to 12 Clients

When your small workgroup increases with your growing business, you need to stay connected. The SW16-G3 is equipped with 12 client ports allowing for large workgroup collaboration while maintaining high performance. The SW16-G3 offers universal compatibility with devices utilizing MAC, Windows, Linux operating systems.





Capitalize on Massive Capacity

With four storage ports allocated for ExaSAN storage systems, the SW16-G3 enables simple scalability. By contacting three A16S3-PS each with three 16-bay JBOD units, users can reach a storage capacity of 2,560 TB (using 10TB HDD).

Storage port
(using 10TB HDD)

Take Advantage of the SAN Software that Offers the Best Fit

Versatility is essential with storage solutions and the SW16-G3 offers this and more. With Compatibility for a wide variety of SAN software, the SW16-G3 is able to adapt to an array of different environments.