The ExaSAN B08S3-PS, specially configured with 8 SSD drives, delivering over 1600MB/s speeds.

If the requirement is to copy, migrate, or transfer files in a short amount of time, the B08S3-PS is the storage asset is the ideal solution.

In 12 minutes, 1TB of information can be copied.

Versatile and Light weight

Weighing less than 5kg (11 pounds), the B08S3-PS is small and compact, fits easily in any transportable cart system for on-set, on-location, or near-set. This makes it the best solution for DITs while ingesting, copying, and proceeding with post-production work.

Amazing Performance

Unlike other small form factor storage solutions, the B08S3-PS takes full advantage of using PCI express protocol throughout the storage path. The 32Gb bandwidth is 32Gb throughout. There is no PCIe to FC conversion eliminating any protocol conversion delays. This is what allows it to reach 1600 MB/s speeds.

The new B08S3-PS SSD bundle from ExaSAN

A small, compact, RAID storage system versatile enough for transportability and easily fits on a desktop or in any DIT cart.

Features and Highlights

Focus on Content Creation, Not on Storage Speed Limitations

The B08S3-PS was developed with changing workflows in mind where editing work is done closer and closer to where powerful cameras capture content. On-set and on-location are words heard often as producers and directors realize cost and time savings, for example, from creating dailies on-location.

Powerful and demanding applications require high performance storage, such as the B08S3-PS, to enable completion of dailies and make final decisions before shooting starts the next day. The B08S3-PS works well with demanding editing applications from companies such as Autodesk, Blackmagic, Assimilate, and IRDAS.

B08S3-PS Bundle for 4K DPX Workflow

2K DPX files for film requires about 300MB/s where 4K DPX may require up to 1300MB/s performance from storage. The B08S3-PS bundle can provide 1400MB/s read and 1300MB/s write to play multiple 2K as well as 16 Bit 4K DPX.

Performance optimization

The B08S3-PS features include performance equalization mode (EQ). This reduces the fluctuation between data transfer speeds over time so that the likelihood of potential frame drops are minimized which is a great thing. Another feature called disk lag proof (DLP) computes the RAID algorithm of weakening/failing drives (that may require multiple retries) preventing the data transfer delays caused by the deteriorating drives enabling the actual data transfer to complete even before the weak drive finishes.

Set it up and ready to go

The B08S3-PS is the best cost-effective high performance small form factor DAS solution. Setting up RAID storage cannot be easier. To create a mobile SAN, the B08S3-PS can be connected to any of our PCIe 3.0 ExaSAN switches. Client workstations can be connected to the switch and the sharing of media files can begin with the aid of SAN management software like SANit 2 file system. Additional RAID systems can be added to the switch to increase storage capacity if needed.

Performance figures are based on simulated and calculated best case scenario; please consult with our Accusys people or your system integrator to create the best possible DAS or SAN solution fit for your specific requirement.

Optional Selection


PCIe to Thunderbolt 2.0 converter package includes 50cm Thunderbolt cable and power adaptor.


Dual port card for connecting two units of B08S3-PS to achieve double the speed and double the capacity.


10M, 30M, 50M and 100M optical cables to choose from.