Post-production groups need storage with high bandwidth, low latency and more extension flexibility. In order to increase the efficiency of HD video editing, user require work environments that provide more efficiency and data editing security.

In the past, video editing groups were unable to enter SAN environments because of its special technical maintenance requirements and high cost. SOHOs businesses were limited in their ability to have such SAN systems even though they were the ideal solution. Thus, people were in need of lower construction costs to easily upgrade to SAN.

Accusys has dedicated itself to developing storage to satisfy SOHOs for many years, with the release of its SAN software, SANit file system, Working with the ExaSAN storage series, the new software offers a solution to both SOHO and enterprise businesses.. It doesn’t require highly technical maintenance so it allows you to have a SAN working environment that is cross-platform, high performance, and has an excellent price-performance ratio.

SANit 2 Feature :

  • Single storage pool co-working and sharing
  • Designed for post-production workflows
  • Three steps to a complete setup
  • Excellent performance; affordable cost

Why do you choose SANit 2?

SANit 2 is a shareable, cross- platform storage infrastructure allowing users to access the same storage pool while experiencing extreme speeds and high reliability. SANit has the following features to meet your creation demands:

  • Designed for post-production workflows
  • Full-feature SAN Software
  • Easy to setup
  • Excellent Performance at an affordable cost

Designed for post production workflows

Scalable Performance

On-Line Bandwidth Adjustment

Administrator can adjust the maximum bandwidth of clients by GUI anytime.

Small SAN environment fits video application

Full-feature SAN Software

1. Seamless Cross-Platform Integration –

Allows Windows ,Mac, or Linux computers to access SAN transparently and seamlessly utilizing SANit 2.

2. Block level accessing –

SANit 2 Block level to save data and offers virtualization that enhances user’s volume with more flexibility.

3. Proprietary file system –

SANit 2 creates a file system that allows clients cross-platform access for more compatibility and performance.

4. One Button Event Log Downloading –

Download an event log through the maintenance page. Users can download all SANit event logs to shorten down times and allow your system to operate at peak performance quickly.

5. Simple user interface –

Configuring a SAN can be a daunting task, but SANit makes it easy and fast because we make it specifically for you, the end user.

6. ExaSAN storage is the best partner –

High performance SANit 2 working closely with ExaSAN switches and storage bringing the best experience to a seamless working environment.

Easy to setup.(complete setup in 20 mins)

Excellent Performance; affordable cost
Performance figures are based on simulated and calculated best case scenario; please consult with our Accusys people or your system integrator to create the best possible DAS or SAN solution fit for your specific requirement.